Saturday, August 4, 2007

He's super feak'eh, Yeow!

The boy is a freak. He does not think he is a freak, but he clearly is.

The Evidence:
- He washes his sneakers, by hand, in the bathroom sink. Every single night. Inside and out. With bleach and a fingernail brush.
- You can put nothing in his room that does not belong there. NOTHING. This includes his own dirty clothes. He dumps it right outside his door, which is the kitchen.
- He printed out a picture of his MP3 player and taped it to his night stand. That is where he puts the MP3 player when it is charging. In that exact spot. You cannot move it under penalty of death.
- His room is the warmest in the house (summer or winter). I hate it in there, too hot for me. But I asked if I could put a pair of sneakers in there that were just washed, so they could dry out. He couldn't sleep with them there. He had to have them gone.
- He cannot sleep if the chair is pushed out from the desk. So if you sneak in at night to do tech support and leave the chair out, he will wake up and lose his mind.
- I bought him a wireless keyboard and mouse, it has never left his desk. EVER.

This is but a smidgen of the freakishness that I have to deal with on a daily basis. Don't wonder why my blood pressure is so high.


kelly said...

he has OCD, so what? lol

tomorrow said...

Just damn!

OneFullHouse said...

Just endearing.


No snickering.

nadine said...

what about when he's at it his fathers place? does he have his own 'space' there too??? I do hope he doesn't just "do" OCD with you! That just would not be fair!