Sunday, August 12, 2007

YOU ARE HERE - 08-12-07
How people found this site. And the ranking. (if I can locate it)

- famous canadian indian (Australia) (#3)
- ign arch. and design gb (Italy) (#6)
- kids posing as celebrities (New York) (#3)
- annoying little flashlights csi (Arizona) (#3)
- dynetics blog (Alabama) (#4)
- whyrustalkingme (Washington) (#)
- blog working zurich insurance (Chicago) (#10) Hey...they stopped by earlier...but they are gone now.
- freeze mother bitches wav (Virginia) (#2)

Shouldn't you be working or studying?

United States Postal Service (California)
Salomon Inc (New York)
Health Care Plan-choicecare (New York)
California State Polytechnic University - Pomona
Electric Lightwave Inc
Hall Booth Smith & Slover Pc (Georgia)
Watson Wyatt & Company (DC)

Can You See Your House From Here?

HINT: Ever eat at Jojo's Pizza Kitchen?
Or play a round at Via Verde country club?

Well, can you see your house from here? If you can, email me.

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