Monday, August 13, 2007

Where has all the good music gone?

I have had the same playlist for about as long as I have had a playlist. I might add 2 songs a year. Mostly older music that I have forgotten about or, on rare occasions, I will hear something I really like on the radio.

Maybe because I am of the radio generation. Back then, you had to have talent to get yourself on the radio. I know, you are saying as you watch MTV, "These Dude's have talent!" But are you really hearing the music? The lyrics? Or are you just reacting to the 'awesome' music video. Remember 'Video Killed the Radio Star'? It really did. Bunnie's daughter, The Lump, sends me new music every once in a while and some of it is listen-able but most of it is not. Most of it is angry or obscene. Not interested. And is it just me or does a lot of bands out there sound just like Nickleback?

The music industry is up in arms over the downloading of music, but if they actually put out a cd that had more than one decent song on it, people might actually buy it. If they were truly interested in curbing the downloads, they would spend less on the splashy videos and more on vocal coaching and decent songwriters.

I am not a music snob, my playlist has everything from Alabama to Zappa. From to Aerosmith to Zucchero. Everything except for Rap, can't stand it. I used to be able to stomach some of the earlier works of rap artists but since 'gangsta' rap came on the scene I have to take a pass.

I am the record companies worst nightmare. I demand talent. I will not listen to a song, just because the video has hot chicks or explosions. The song has to be well written with lyrics I can hear and understand and that make fuckin' sense. And most of all the artist has to be able to actually sing.

Talent. That is all I am asking for. Deliver it and I will gladly run out and buy the CD. I am like this, I am sure, because I am of the pre-video generation.

What does your playlist look like? Does it reflect your age?

Maybe we should take this opportunity to exchange information. Do you have someone on your playlist you think I would appreciate? Drop me a line, Here are a few of mine.
Andrea Bocelli - Even if you don't understand Italian, you can appreciate the talent. The man has mad skills, his voice is like velvet. He has range and control.

Josh Groban - Also has mad skills. First seen on Aly McBeal, the boy is talented.

Frank Zappa - he is good for a laugh.

A really good Monster Rock Ballad like High Enough - Damn Yankees. You can't help but turn the stereo up full blast.

You want a story that will tug at your heartstrings,(grab a tissue for that one) or make a really great point? Turn on the country station.

Come on, share your playlist.


Bryna said...

I agree for the most part, but every now and again I get the need for a little pop crap.

My playlist is mostly women artists because I like to be able to sing along. Sarah McLaughlin, Alison Krauss, Pat Benetar, Dixie Chicks to name a few. Although not women, I still love me some Barenaked Ladies.

Fyr said...

umm... wish i knew how u got that list image. my playlist has anything from abba to u2 ... and almost everything in between - cept rap also - can't stand 'em