Thursday, August 16, 2007

I refuse to call you Doctor unless you call me Princess.

"Thank you for calling the Undisclosed Technical Support Team™ my name is blah blah blah...Can I get your name and your case number please?"

"My name is Doctor Snooty and my case number is blah blah blah." Big emphasis on Doctor.

Oh great, one of 'those'. I am sorry bitch, but unless you are between my legs diagnosing some foreign disease or hauling my heart out of my chest to give it the once over, I am not calling you doctor.

"Ok, how can I help?"

She proceeds to tell me that she tried to send out an email in LookOut Quick with an attachment that she realizes is too big but she tried it anyway. Now it will not send and it will not delete.

We navigate to her personal folder and delete the out box. We reopen LookOut Quick and the email is gone.

"So, I will be closing this case as resolved."

"Is that it?"
She can't believe it is that simple.

"Yes." It is 'just' that simple.

After she hangs up I notice that she actually paid $59 for that 6 minute call. I turn to Potsie. "That call was under 10 minutes, you think I should refund her?"

"Sure, I would."

"Ok, but when I asked her her name, she said 'Doctor' Snooty."

He laughs, "Well then, no!"

"Your right, that'll be a $59 stupid tax for 'Doctor' Snooty."


Nadine said...

and.. i don't think the "DOCTOR" would have refunded you if you had an office call with her!

tomorrow said...


I have to say ... my students call me Dr. Tomorrow, but that's a boundary/courtesy issue.

Bryna said...

Probably holds a doctorate in being snooty! (in my best soup nazi voice) "No refund for you!"

Evel said...

I have no problem calling you doctor in your own environment, but if I am fixing your flat? Dude, show me a little respect.

I have had people say to me, "My name is Richard, but you 'will' refer to me as Doctor Green."

[CLICK] Good luck with that DICK!

Fyr said...

it suddenly occurred to me the other day that *I* insist that people call me by my first name when after a few interactions that kind of formality is no longer necessary ... one woman, whoever, has never reciprocated and we maintain a hilarious conversation every single time with me saying
"ms. whatshername, so-and-so and etc ad infinitum" -she's never given me her full name- and she responds with "sure insert-my-first-name-here, that'll be great"