Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Work. I could sit and watch it for hours.

Today I sat in the shade of my porch and watched as three young men toiled in the sun. Sweet.

The house next door was having it's roof done. So I sat on the porch and pretended to read the paper. Hope they didn't notice it was upside down.

Nothing like a few good twenty-ish men toiling in the sun. Sweaty, shirts off, sun glistening off them. Could watch it for hours. Better than pay-per-view.

Wonder if men realize that we sit back and ogle them? Women always bitch about it, being ogled by men. But I bet you they would be more pissed off if the ogling stopped. Do men feel objectified? Do they feel like 'meat'? Beefcake? Would they be self-conscious? Squirm a little?

That could be interesting too. Hey guys? If you have your shirt off, and are doing manual labor of any kind? Rest assured there is a woman somewhere out there who is peeking through the curtains and drooling over ya. Think about that.

While your at it, could ya try bending over more? That's dead sexy.

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