Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Don't forget to flush.

I am about to take another run at a TM position and I have bullshitted up the resume expanding it from three pages to six. Mainly because one of the 20 somethings that got an interview actually put bullshit on his cover letter.

Not figuratively...literally. He made a list of reasons why he wanted the job and each bullet point started with a different letter in the word bullshit. I kid you not! And the resume was 12 pages long! So clearly they are looking for bullshit. After all this kid is 21, I am almost 40 there is no physical way for him to have more experience or training than I have. I have been alive twice as long!

One thing that really irritates me about this whole process is that the HR department screens the resumes and decides who gets an interview. This is baffling because the HR department has no idea what is involved in the job. They have never worked the floor and they take no direction from TM's that are actually doing the job. In fact they totally disregard the recommendations of those TM's.

As I said before two of us who got 'highly recommended' by our TM's did not get interviews. So the fact that someone who actually does that job, recommends someone who they believe can do the job as well means nothing to these people. What are they basing their decisions on? Should there not be a member of the TM group involved in this process? Or at the very least some sort of committee to screen the resumes. It is sort of like the counter staff at MacDonald's deciding who pilots the space shuttle. Makes about as much sense.

To make matters worse, I don't have time to go in for 'feedback' with these people to find out what they want me to put on my resume. I obviously cannot change my experience or education unless I try time travel, I just need to know how to get past these crayons.

"Excuse me, but what bullshit do you need to hear in order to get an interview with the people who actually know what the hell they are doing and can ascertain whether I can do this job or not?"

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