Sunday, July 11, 2004

Soothing this savage beast.

I need to stop thinking about this job interview. I need some soothing music. Dig out the Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban et al. I will share some of it here. I tell you, those Italians know how to turn a phrase.

I am a complete sucker for an Italian accent. No matter what they say, it sounds beautiful. They could be telling you to eat shit, and it sounds so good you actually consider it. And the Spaniards are no hacks either.

Of my love you are so sure
So sure you can take it with you
Cupped in the hands that you raise to your face
As you still think of me.
And if you need to, you can show it to the world.

              From Sogno(Dream)

Or this one:
All you'll know for sure
is the more she makes you suffer
the more you find you love her.

              From Nel Cuore Lei

Or this one:
Forget about me
And let me go on alone with my solitude
Go away, go on and tell me goodbye
And I will resign myself to go on without your love
And I will never understand what happened
If there's nothing I can do, go away.

              From Alejate - that button you have been avoiding
              over there on the left, my current favorite.

There is something about hearing it in another language (not necessarily Italian) that makes my toes curl. I need soothing music, since the boys father just visited me. I know what you are thinking, that we got in a huge fight and I need to calm down. It was quite the opposite, which is more disturbing. He was civil. He showed up and the boy was not here. We "chatted" (yes, I said chatted) and he turned to leave and said, "Want a coffee?", I said sure. Then the boy came home and they drove off. I figured that was the end of it.

No, they came back with coffee. He and the boy sat at my kitchen table and we chatted for about an hour. Very civilized, even jovial. This makes me uneasy.

We have been apart for 13 years, yet he usually acts like I punched him in the head yesterday. He rarely has a civil word for me. But every once in a while he throws this at me, no idea what is up. Last week he dropped off the child support early, without being asked for it. I refer to these episodes as the signs of the apocalypse.

As promised a list of songs I am soothing myself with:
Sogno(Dream) - Andrea Bocelli
Broken Vow - Josh Groban
Con Te Partiro - Bocelli
Vivire - Bocelli (with Gerardina Trovato)
Nel Cuore Lei - Bocelli (with Eros Ramazzotti)
Alejate - Groban
Stary Stary Night - Groban

Although these are soothing, you also need the visual (it all helps with the mood). Bocelli and Groban.

Eros Ramazzotti is not too fuckin' hard to look at either.

Ok, I will stop now. I am calm.

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