Saturday, July 24, 2004

The music industry is screwing itself.

The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, which collects royalties for musicians, has targeted dental offices in its latest campaign. The group is asking them to cough up a yearly fee if they use copyrighted music to entertain patients.

If they would evenly disburse the money in the first place instead of paying artists a boatload of money, they wouldn't be trying to grab nickels and dimes from the public. Just another reason that they are getting no sympathy from the general public.

People are used to the music just being there, now they want to regulate when we can overhear it? Oh, that will get people to stop downloading it off the internet. What the hell are they thinking? I don't think they are, that's the problem. Here in Canada, we play a royalty on blank CD's now, on the off chance we use those CD's for burning music. That has got to piss of the people who don't burn music, enough so that they may consider it in the future. After all, they are paying for it whether they do it or not.
SOCAN said it has successfully collected the fees so far, but if someone refuses to pay, it could sue for copyright infringement. Things rarely go that far, the group said.

Almost sounds like 'protection' money. Smacks of Mafioso tactics.

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