Friday, May 21, 2004

Six of one...

Now they are offering shifts in what's called a PPA Q. It's sort of a mix of CC and Pro. So you have the hope of getting at least one person who doesn't say, " computar is broke." Someone who knows what right click is and is most likely NOT married to their sister.

I have officially volunteered for these two shifts:
Sunday - Thurs: 5pm-1am (8 hour shifts) This one is more like the one I am already on, with different days off. No problem.


Mon, Thur, Fri, Sat 2pm - 12 am (10 hour shifts) This one appeals to me because I would have 3 days off, but it is 10 hours a day. I might be able to swing it but it means I will have to get up earlier. UGH!

The big question is, can I handle the guaranteed flow of rednecks? This is the reason I went pro to begin with. When they approached me, I was at the point where if one more person said �Ma ma.cri.sof, it broke", I was going to slice my own throat.

And you know what the sad thing is? Stupid people have no idea they are stupid.

"Ya, I is gittin thet ther� error, dang thang it broke...kin ya hep' me?" (apologies to the non-inbred of the south, but 99% of the time they sound like Jeff Foxworthy.)

"Oh! The error message, of course." FUCK ME GENTLY! "I'll transfer you over to Gerry, he takes care of the error message."

How do these people maintain? I mean, they must have jobs. Otherwise how are they affording a computer and internet service? I am amazed some of these crayons can make it across the street without becoming an oil slick. They probably think that big ole hand is waving them through. How much could they possibly make at the college being guinea pigs for some half assed research project? Or donating sperm or selling their blood. They aren't bright enough to be criminals.

How can you, in this day and age support yourself and your family when you call me and try and write "click" on your screen with a magic marker? I am surprised half these people remember to breathe.

If you see them on the street mumbling to themselves get real close and you can hear them say �in, out, in, out�.

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