Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Grab your umbrella!

The shit hit the fan tonight at the Undisclosed Customer Service Center�. 96 people in CC got canned. Along with 5 team managers. They are calling it a temporary lay-off but it did not go well.

Half of those 96 people were on duty tonight and just up and left. So that meant that all the agents in ProCC had to take those calls. It was a huge mess. Why in the name of God they told them at the beginning of their shift is beyond me. Although I know it would have been dirty for them to wait till the end of their shift, it wasn't like they were shown the door today, they gave them two weeks notice.

They also gave them the option to be moved to another site, which a couple of the TM's chose, or to take the layoff. There were a lot of tears and angry faces.

More of the same for tomorrow I suppose.

Now they tell us in ProCC that we will not be effected by these layoffs, but we are not convinced. More and more jobs are being moved to India, eventually everything will end up there. They may have to change the name from "Customer Service" to "Piss Off the Americans" cuz the American's hate to hear that they are going to India for their tech support.

Those techs might know their stuff, but it often loses something in the translation.

And another thing...

Suppose I should tell you my good news. I got my performance appraisal tonight and scored 4.0 out of possible 5, not bad. The PA's determine the amount of your raise, higher is definately better.

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