Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Show me the money.

All hell is breaking lose at the Undisclosed Customer Service Center� we are trying to get a handle on this new virus and I have to say that it is going much better than Blaster. They have more frontline CSR's doing the troubleshooting, which cuts down on customer hold times. I really don't think this one will last as long.

I was on a call last night and a TM signed me off my phone and said when I was done of that call to come to a meeting. Five minutes later I walk into the meeting and sit down just as she is saying, "Any questions?" Well ya! I just got there.

Then they wheel the Big Cheese from Head Office, "I know this team can do this, any questions?" HELLO! Did no one notice me just walking in? Everone stands and they hand me a sheet of paper with step-by-steps on troubleshooting the virus. That's just fucking great.

This is why I don't tell people that I know computers. I am a CSR because I don't want to be a Tech. My average call time is 4-6 minutes, Techs can be on a call for hours. I can barely stand these crayons for the 4-6 min I have to, I do not want to deal with them longer than that.

And techs start out at a dollar more an hour. Are they going to pay me a dollar more? No they are not, so fuck off. I ain't doing it!

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