Friday, April 25, 2008

He's back!

So, The Boy has been home for a week. When I say home, I mean he is back in Nova Scotia, but since I am car-less, he is avoiding this place like the plague. He has been staying with his father until we get the car fixed. It's taking longer than expected since we have been having some shitty weather and the guy who is fixing the car has to work on it outside. It SNOWED last night. WTF?

I expected a huge story to go with the early return, but there wasn't one. Seems that they only intended to stay a week, just didn't feel like relaying that info to The Boy. Probably since if they had told him he would spend most of his time driving, he may have reconsidered the whole trip.

Even though he is back in town I still had the house to myself for the last two weeks. It has been wondrous, even without a car. The place is always clean and there is no one around to complain. Well, except for the cats. And The Boy finally got an interview for a job at a local fast food joint, so he could be employed soon. That will save me some money since gas went up to $1.26 a litre.

Now I am just starting to get bored. The house is clean, the dishes are done, there is nothing on tv. What to do?

I think I might take the vacuum cleaner apart...its making a funny noise.

You know you are bored when...


kelly said...

$1.33 now, you're saving money lol okay tool girl, git r done hahahaha

Evel said...

$1.33? Jesus, by the time I get the car back I will need a second job just to put gas in it.

kelly said...

yup it's retarded!

nadine said...

you can come visit me .. i need a clean house tooooo