Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day Three - Sans The Boy.

The Boy has arrived in Florida and is in one piece. I doubt I will hear much from him now till he heads back. I hope he is having a ball, and that he is taking pictures. (men never think of that)

While he is gone I have cleaned the house and it has remained clean. Amazing how that works. It is really easy to keep a place clean when there is no one to go behind you and mess it up.

Sammy, his cat, is driving me bat-shit. He is acting like a real baby. Nothing I do for him works. He sits and howls. I give him food/water, he wasn't hungry/thirsty. I open the door for him, he is not interested in going out. He just looks up at me and howls. There is no consoling him.

If the door to The Boy's room is closed, he howls until I open it. He has to sleep in there. Even Milo sleeps in there with him, albeit just inside the door with one eye opened, so when The Boy returns he can make a fast getaway.

I know, you're all saying 'That's fuckin' adorable!' but he is seriously stomping all over my last nerve.

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