Saturday, April 26, 2008

Memory Lane

How far down that road do you really want to go?

Facebook is a wonderful thing. Reconnecting with people you haven't seen or heard from in years. Catching up with those people can bring back a flood of memories. The good and the not so good.

Recently I reconnected with one of those people who, I just found out, recently lost her mother. Which, of course, immediately made me think of my father, who died in 1989.

I was compelled to express to her that it would all eventually get better, and I believe it will.

Looking at a picture of my dad can still make me cry. It doesn't rip my heart out like it used to but it still effects me.

1 comment:

nadine said...

I know the day will come when I do have to face the loss of my Mom aad Dad... I just can't even go there...God Bless ya