Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I got fired today!

Messenger Nick = I got fired today.

Interaction with Pablo, about my messenger Nick.

PABLO: WHAT!!!!!! why?
ME: downloading porn
PABLO: WHAT seriously?
ME: ya
PABLO: holy fuck Evel you gotta be shitting me
ME: nope...coudn't stay away from the porn
PABLO: wow I can't beleive that I am sorry
ME: i have one shift left
PABLO: wow
ME: wait..what is the date today?
PABLO: april 1st
ME: i am waiting for your brain to catch up
PABLO: ok I am caught up ... still in disbeleif

This is where his brain actually catches up
PABLO: OMF U got me

And the hits just keep on coming...
POTSIE: you got fired wtf

ME: downloading gay porn to my production machine

POTSIE: what why would you do that

ME: tha't how i roll


POTSIE: well was it any good ?

POTSIE: question though was it gay = guy or gay = girl

ME: animals

POTSIE: lmao what ?

ME: what day is it?


kelly said...

me too, fucker LMAO

tomorrow said...