Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How many ways can you slaughter a Dolly Parton song?

Apparently, many many ways.

It was Dolly Parton night on American Idol. Even I can sing a decent Dolly Parton song. She wrote so many, you would think each and every one of those contestants could find at least one they wouldn't totally destroy. Right?

Not many of them did. I was unimpressed.

Last year the girls gave me goosebumps consistently...That has yet to happen this year.


Bryna said...

I am loving David Cook. I think he is truly talented, although sang a lame song about a sparrow. However, the other cook's gots to go!

kelly said...

i do love david cook, i do not understand why kristy lee is still there at all...every season there is always one person that hangs on somehow and i think, wtf? lol