Thursday, February 1, 2007

Ez Baz Bah!

You would not believe how many times a night I hear, "Thank God I didn't get India. I can't understand a word they say."

And when faced with the possibility that they may have to call back in, they always ask if there is a way they can get Canada instead of India.

Here's the thing, kids. Just because the guy on the phone 'sounds' like he is in India? That does not mean he is actually 'in' India. (people use 'in India' as a blanket term to describe anyone with a certain accent) If I went around and counted, I could probably find more than 50 people from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan or various other places right here in this building.

Take for instance this little guy sitting next to me one night. I really felt for him, although that did not stop me from laughing my ass off at his predicament. (I am so going staight to hell)

His conversation went something like this.

"Oo key, when you say da scren come up bress ez baz bah and you well say..." You can tell the customer missed that and asks him to repeat it. He does, several times, trying different inflections. "Ez baz bah, ez baz bah, ez baz bah" He repeats this at least 10 times.

Now, I have sat next to this guy for a week and even I cannot figure out what the hell he is saying.

I guess he figured that maybe the customer could not hear him, he raises the volume. "EZ BAZ BAH! EZ BAZ BAH! EZ BAZ BAAAAAHHHHH!" He is screaming.

That is when it hits me and I lose it. Dude, it isn't that they can't hear you, its that they have no idea what you are saying. I am trying not to laugh, I turn my back to him and my whole body is shaking. The Lord looks at me trying to get me to tell him what I am trying so hard not to laugh at.

Someone should tell that boy that 'space' is just one syllable and that 'bar' has an R in it.


Nadine said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOoo true.. I am seeing more and more people adding this line in job discriptions (English spoken, written, read) .. for MAJOR BIG JOBS.. like CEO!!! we used to take it for granted that if you were in US or Canada.. they could speak english.. NO MORE.. just visit an airport!

Abigail S said...

That is sooo hillarious! And, no, you aren't going straight to hell for laughing at him.

I never would have guessed, by reading, that "ez baz bah" meant "the space bar." Too confusing!