Sunday, December 24, 2006

You are here... 12-24-06

Well, I warned you it would be pretty boring, but here it is.

Dec. 18 & 19
50.00%   home for christmas movie 1949
16.67%   getting the movie a christmas carol for free
8.33%    home for christmas,1949 movie
8.33%    wing night
8.33%    home for christmas, 1949 movie
8.33%    i am left brained

Dec. 20 & 21
16.67%   you know your from nova scotia when! joke
16.67%   a list of christmas movies from the 70's
16.67%    when is a very brady christmas vacation on television
16.67%    movie entitled the holly and the ivy
16.67%    ebbie on tv?
16.67%    nova scotia surfing

Dec. 23 & 24
25.00%   nova scotia surfing
25.00%   a picture of a stoned santa clause
25.00%   when is a very brady christmas vacation on television
25.00%   bad santa holly and the ivy christmas toy

I am not sure what the Nova Scotia surfing thing is. We only have really big waves when it is too dangerous to surf, like during a hurricane. But whatever, idiot, if that's what you are into, give 'er.


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Merry Christmas!

AnonymousCog said...

Merry Christmas