Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You can do it.

Sometimes I feel it is my duty to spread cheer and help all the other domestically challenged people out there.

I found this recipe for fudge. Yes, I said fudge, don't cringe.

2c        Brown Sugar
2/3c    canned milk (not sweetened)
2/3c    butter (NOT margarine, it will not work with margarine, break out the good stuff)

Combine in a glass bowl (plastic will make it taste funny and it won't form right) and microwave for 9 minutes, stirring every 3 minutes. (that's 3 minutes, stir, 3 minutes, stir, 3 minutes, stir)

At the end of the 9 minutes, you just mix in 2 cups of icing sugar.

This is where you can add nuts if you want, I have tried it with walnuts before it is very tasty.

This shit will melt in your mouth. I defy you to fuck this up. It just isn't possible.


Nikki Neurotic said...

Mmm, sounds good. My mom used to make fudge but but hasn't for awhile. Maybe if I get a chance (after the rest of the stuff I'm planning to bake, and my shopping is complete) I'll give it a shot.

mist1 said...

This would involve a trip to the grocery store. Do you have a recipe for the things in my fridge?


Anonymous said...

Nothing edible, mist1.