Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Will Trade: One red paper clip for a house.

How cool is this idea? Man starts with one red paperclip and through a series of trades, he hopes to end up with a house.

So far he has traded:
Paperclip for a fish pen.
Fish pen for a door knob.
Door knob for a Coleman stove.
Coleman stove for a generator.
Generator for an instant party. Which included: one beer keg,one neon Budweiser sign and one I.O.U. for a kegĂ‚’s worth of beer.
Instant party for a skidoo.
Skidoo for a trip to yahk.
Trip to Yahk for a cube van.
Cube van for a recording contract.
Recording contract for one year rent free in Pheonix.

And the offers keep pouring in. Go check out where he is at now.

This is so crazy it just might work.


kelly said...

i have plastic donkey from a farm set and his nose opened the door. anyone wanna trade? he's antique now :D i need a house

Adam said...

Kelly, I can't trade you a house, but I do have a four foot section of garden hose that I will trade you. Then you're just one letter away from a house!