Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Welcome to Canyon Country.

Walked into the post office today and it was decorated up with white and red ribbons, in fact just about every building on the street is done up this way.

Am I missing something? Aparently so. I asked the girl from the smoke shop across the street, she jokes and says its July first (Canada Day), I had to think about that for a second. But no she says, its George Canyon Day.

WTF? Aparently I am in Canyon Country.

Anyone who watches Nashville Star on the USA network will know that George Canyon has made the top 4. Why is this such a big deal here? Well he is a hometown boy, everyone knows someone who knows George, or Fred I should say.( his real name).

He has been here all day, going from town to town all over Pictou County doing personal appearances and filming for the tv show. They are aparently doing segments for all 4 finalists going home for the day. Every store front, every sign on every corner says stuff like, WELCOME HOME GEORGE! and GO GEORGE GO! someone told me the sign on the highway that says Welcome to Pictou County also says YOU ARE NOW ENTERING CANYON COUNTRY!

It is a huge deal here. If the signs are still up tomorrow I will take some pictures. It has to be seen to believed. Or you could just tune in on Saturday and see it. (and vote for George of course)

I might do that myself, see the town on TV, that might be fun. I hope they had the good sense to keep the crazies at home so we aren't embarassed.

We shall see.

PS: I have added a couple of tunes for your listening enjoyment. It's over there on the left.


Pictures as promised:

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