Monday, April 12, 2004

Dream Job and Nightmare Accomodations

Two beautiful days at the Undisclosed Customer Service Center?, last night I took two calls. Count em....two. I love my job. We sat around all night and played cards.

Since I went pro, Monday nights are really the only night that I actually have to do anything. Tuesdays are broken up with a team meeting, by Wednesday its pretty much leveling off. Then I am off on Thurs and Friday and Saturday and Sunday, as you could imagine, are pretty dead.

Did I mention, I love my job?

Yesterday I also went to see my mother. It was a good thing that my sister was with me, because my brother moved her without telling me. We had agreed that my mother may need to go to a home, if she didn't snap out of her wig-out, but we also agreed that she would have her choice of home. She has a couple places in mind where a lot of her friends live, it was just a waiting game to see when one became available.

Well, I guess on Wednesday, my brother took my mother to "look" at a place and left her there. WTF? It was like a bad movie. He just left her there. When I walked into this place I was stunned. My mother went from a seniors apartment, living room, kitchen, bedroom and bath, to a dorm room with a bathroom. I can't imagine she took one look at the place and said, "I love it, can I stay?" It is depressing. She only knows one person in the whole place. And the kicker? She has been put back on full lithium and appears to be snapping out of the whole wiggy thing.

So, why the big rush? No clue, I can't imagine her being happy there.

So, before I left I told her. If you find that you absolutely hate it here, I will yank you out. I can always get a bigger place and move her in with me. I will not let my mother waste away in a place she is not happy.

She might be a pain in the ass sometimes, but she is my mother.

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