Friday, April 23, 2004

Ten things I know about the Yanks.

1. Every four years they decide who they hate the most and make him president.

2. American�s think everyone wants to live there, when in fact people immigrate there when they can�t get into a Canada.

3. Their money is very ugly.

4. Many of them will live their entire lives in locations that get wiped out by some natural disaster every single year. Some people can not take a hint.

5. By the 1980�s, everyone else in the free world was using the metric system, the US is pretty much the only hold out. Well except for Lyberia and Myanmar, but who the hell knows where that is? I guess they are just waiting to see if it really does catch on.

6. They keep all their old people in Florida, their cowboys in Texas and the fake people they put in California.

7. They only drink Starbuck�s coffee and they eat a lot of meat products that come on sticks.

8. They will shoot you if you ask for directions.

9. Ok, so it�s 8 things, but I bet I can name more states than any one of them can name provinces.

10. So there!

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