Thursday, April 29, 2004


I work 5pm -1am. I am rarely asleep before 5am, I just can't do it.

This morning at 8am the landlord thought it would be a good idea to start fixing the roof! I got up three times thinking someone was banging on the door. It happens. The way my apartment is laid out, I can never hear the door from my room.

So three times I bolt out of bed and run to the door, tripping over the cat, almost getting knocked unconscious by the coffee table, only to look out the window and see feet on scaffolding. Lord Love a Duck! To his credit, this is the first nice day in a week. Monday it snowed. You heard me, snowed. And it has been raining since.

By eleven I gave up and got out of bed. The good news is, its my day off. Bad news? I still have book work to do, a years worth. I will be at it all day and night.

Somewhere in my schedule today I have to fit in: Moving a couch and chair (twice), having a cell phone set up, dropping off money to one place and cigarettes to another. Cleaning the house in preparation of new couch and chair. Dishes, YUCK! All with the steady bang of roofers.

I just came back in from talking to them. More good news, they are going to take care of my little pigeon problem while they are up there. God love them. Probably not out of the goodness of their hearts. I happened to look over at his truck and it is already covered in pigeon shit.

It was funny when it was happening to me, but now its personal. The man is on a mission.

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