Tuesday, April 6, 2004


There is a casual dress code at Undisclosed Customer Service Center�. It is very much laid back but you are supposed to use your common sense. One of the D&D guys from my row was wearing a short sleeved shirt the other day and a TM told him it was too tight. He tells me this last night. I saw the shirt, I don�t get it.

�Are you kidding me? He must have been yankin� your chain.� But no, he was not. He told him it was not professional attire. This really got to me. Let me tell you why.

There are some women at Undisclosed Customer Service Center� that clearly do not adhere to the policy. The common sense policy that says: do not show your thighs, cleavage or belly. I think they even added in bare shoulders in there somewhere. Pretty simple, right? Wrong.

You might not think this is such a big deal, and it might not be, except for the fat chicks. (Don�t get all up in arms ala-Em over this, I am a fat chick) I don�t feel like looking at some rail thin teeny bopper in a mini skirt with a belly ring and her boobs hanging out, so can you imagine having to look at that same outfit on a fat chick.

Point in fact. Girl the other day, completely round from all directions, I can�t guess weight, but she was about 3 feet all the way around and she was in hip huggers with a belly shirt. Please people, have a little consideration. I am all for healthy body image, but that is just wrong. Especially for the work place. Or worse, having to see a half dozen girls bent over with their thongs hanging out the back of their jeans and their tits spilling out. What the hell is this, Club Med? A little professionalism please.

The men are just as bad. Muscle bound guys in t-shirts so tight you think it is cutting off the circulation. Wearing jeans they had to pole vault to get into. Ok, picture this on a 350 lb man, with boobs. And since the t-shirt is so tight it rides up, revealing his big fat hairy stomach. Or rail thin guys, (who play for the home team) with belly shirts and their thongs hanging out the back of their jeans.

The problem is, the men. They want to see the rail thin bimbo in the belly shirt, so they can�t say anything about the fat chick in the belly shirt. That would be discrimination. Holy shit!

If it is a policy, then enforce it. Don�t take your frustration out on some nerd with a tightish sweater.

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