Thursday, April 8, 2004

"Warped logic" or "How to torture the boy" working titles

Not exactly sure how I came up with this brilliant idea but the boy wants a new skateboard for Easter. Of course, he wants the $100 skateboard.

"That's all I want, Mom, no candy just the skateboard."

"Holy shit! No, it's Easter, not Christmas."

Then I go out and spend $100 on candy, stupid little dollar store toys, a basket and that crap you put in it. You know that fake grass that you are vacuuming up for months afterwards or the cats will choke to death on, since they don't have the sense to not eat it.

What the hell is up with that? I bought so much stuff it won't all fit in the basket. Why didn't I just buy the fuckin' skateboard? No earthly idea. I didn't even get eggs for Christ's sake.

Although it may be my subconsious way of sticking it to the boy for not cleaning the yard like I asked him. Or taking out the garbage, hell, he never does anything I ask him to do. So why the hell should I shell out my hard earned money for a skateboard.

I think that might be it, the subconcious thing I mean. As I am trying to transfer all this crap from the bag to the basket, I notice something odd at the bottom of the bag. A purchase I don't remember making.

Work gloves, size small.

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