Friday, March 26, 2004

When Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

I have been sick since Monday. And let me tell you I am a poor, pitiful pain in the ass when I am sick. I could tell I was getting sick Sunday night and I whined the whole night. I called in sick on Monday, but of course the boy tortured me the whole time. No sympathy from that front.

Decided I might as well go to work, since I was getting no sleep. Every time I laid my head down I couldn�t breathe, what fun. I always get sick in the weirdest possible ways. For instance, I never get all the symptoms of a flu at once. First day cranky and sore throat. Second day cranky and coughing. Third day cranky and stuffed up, fourth day runny nose, sneezing and, you guessed it, cranky. Oh and during runny nose, cranky day? If I do not get the tissue with the lotion then fifth day becomes cranky, sore nose cold sore day.

But I digress, Tuesday I go into work. I forewarn everyone around me that I am still sick and as an added bonus I am super bitch cranky. By the end of the night I am cursing like a sailor on shore leave and telling my TM that, no matter what, I was not giving anybody anything but the bare fucking minimum and he could have my ass fired if he wanted but I was sick and I warned everyone that I was in a foul mood.

Wednesday I showed up for work, in a slightly better mood although I did mention the desire to kick someone. I made it to 10 before I went home early. Got home and crawled into bed. I have not strayed far since. Today is the absolute best. Alternating from stuffed so bad I can�t swallow without popping my ears, to my nose running like two booger faucets. I am sorry, but I have blown enough snot to fill a bathtub. Where the fuck does it come from? Relief from the alternating runny/stuffy nose comes in the form of 5 minute, non stop sneeze fests. Did I mention I was cranky?

I am NOT getting out of bed tomorrow for anything. I have instructed the boy not to cross the threshold unless he is either bleeding or on fire and even then he is taking his life into his hands.

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