Sunday, March 14, 2004


Thought I would tie up a few loose ends before I go back to work.

The boy had to sit out half of his game Thursday night, he got kicked out of the last game for smokin� some kid in the head (who frankly deserved it) and he got kicked out of practice for more of the same. On a lighter note, the ass curd that called him a rat has been banned from the rinks. I saw him the other day and waved.

I got the obligatory �fuck off� letter in response to my application for the TM position. Big Surprise. I did manage to get �recognised� with a certificate for being appreciated by my co-workers. Big fuckin� hairy deal. It does not come with a pay raise, although it did come with a new zippy thing for my badge so it wasn�t a total waste of time.

I managed to get half my house clean, like Solomon Gundy, its still half dirty. (Does anyone else remember that bit from Sesame Street? Or am I dating myself?)

The cats still live, despite themselves.

My s.up.rn.ov.a addiction still rules me.

My nails have finally grown out and I can paint them again. Currently working on shamrocks for St. Paddy�s day.

My car payments are finally up with the bank, although I still owe my sister a couple of payments. Probably why it hasn�t completely self destructed yet. It usually happens when the bank payments are done, the car falls apart.

We were promised a huge storm Thursday, that we did not get. Now they say �oh wait, did we say Thursday, we meant Saturday� ya sure, I will believe it when I see it. �heavy snowfall warning� my ass! Now it is Sunday, and you guessed it, no storm.

Speaking of my ass, it still doesn�t hurt, can�t even tell where I got the shot. This rocks!

Kimmy is making me a booze soaked triple chocolate cheesecake for Sunday, mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

It�s Saturday and I am not even broke. That has got to be a record.

However, I am getting shack-whacky, and actually can�t wait to get back to work. Clearly I am a sick, sick woman.

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