Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Did I post this already?

I am walking up to the drug store comming from the other direction is a old woman and her even older husband. It works out that the old woman goes first, the old man indicates that he wants me to go ahead of him. Sweet old man.

Picture it, Cicily, 1938........wait...that's another story.

Ok picture it. The drug store has an outer door, a sort of entry way and then the inner door.

The old lady goes in the first door, she holds it for me and I hold it for the old man, then we get to the inner door. Again she holds it for me and as I walk through I am looking back to hold it for the old man when I hear her say in a snotty voice, "Your welcome."

Without missing a beat, my blood is boiling and I look her straight in the eye, while incidently holding the door for her cripled old husband and say, "I usually wait till after the entire process, BITCH!"

Holy Shit! I actually called that old lady a bitch. I was pumped though, how rude! Aparently I wasn't fast enough with my thank you to suit her. I can only imagine what kind of hellish existance she has inflicted on that poor old man.

I meet up with the two of them at the cash register, she gives me a snotty look and the old man winks at me.

Your welcome.

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