Monday, March 15, 2004

Trouble in paradise.

Had a little tiff with a co-worker tonight she was pissed at me and, frankly, I ended up pissed.

There were only four of us working. The TM decided to do all our end of month reviews, which is kinda cool we all got a little time off the phones. Even though we are not busy, it is still nice.

Anyway, my turn comes and when I get up there he is coaching someone so I wait until he is done. Then he brings out my month end. �Didn�t we already do this?�, he says.

�Ah, ya. But I can still get time off the phones can�t I?� and we laugh.

�Hmmmm ok, you can sit here, or we can go for a smoke?�, he says.

�Cool, lets go.� If he is bluffing, I am calling him on it.

I get my coat and we head out. The others stand up and everyone notices.

When I get back, the girl next to me is clearly pissed. I make light of it, and she says flat out that she is pissed. I of course laugh, cuz I think it is ridiculous to be pissed. If I had been in her shoes, I of course would have laughed, called her a bitch (both jealously and jokingly) and moved on. At this point it is done, and there is nothing I can do to take it back. I realize she is pissed and I am sorry she is, but short of turning back time, I don�t see how I can make it right. Lets move on.

That is not how she handled it.

She said it was favouritism, I disagreed, since I think whoever he had up there would have ended up going for a smoke, I doubt it was because of me. She disagreed.

I pointed out that more than a few people sign off the phones and sneak out for a smoke, and she has no problem with that? No, it is wrong but she has no problem with that. �Is it just that it was me then?� No it was that a TM went with me, and it was, in her mind, favouritism.

�Ok, so if you don�t have a problem with me sneaking out, you have a problem with the TM, take it up with him�

�I think I will.�

�Fine then, it was wrong, I agree and it will never happen again. Are we done?�

Nope we are not she went on to say that she wouldn�t have gone if it was her. Ok, that�s her, I guess I am morally corrupt. Through most of the conversation I was just taking it, until she said this to me. ���..and a woman of your age should know better.� Ok, the guy sitting next to me takes one look at my face and steps backwards.

I was so mad that I don�t even remember what I said next.

I don�t know if you get this from my blog or not. But I live my life one way. I do not dwell on things, life is too short and I have been through too much shit. If you don�t like me, bite me. At �my age� I don�t have time for the bullshit.

I apologized to her, not because I was sorry for doing it, but for the fact that she was upset that I did do it. She took it as a personal affront and it appeared to me that she was more upset that I wasn�t more upset that she was upset. I felt like she wanted me to be totally ashamed of myself. Which I am not and refuse to be. So, if that upsets her, so be it.

A woman of my advanced years can�t afford to waste time with the bullshit.

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