Monday, November 9, 2009

This is starting to get ridiculous.

Do they think we won't catch on? That the reason they are only doing 'high-risk' people is because they don't have enough vaccine produced as promised?

Since this all began we have had 1 regular vaccine clinic for one day. Then they decided to just do the 'high-risk' people. So since the first of the month it has been pregnant ladies and kids under 5. (Oh and First Nations) Checking out the website today, and they have added a few more sections of the population.

•Pregnant women
•Postpartum women including their partner
•Children younger than five (six to 59 months)
•Children 19 or younger with chronic medical conditions for which they receive regular medical attention, including morbid obesity
•First Nations communities

Okay, so they added baby daddies and fat kids. Big fuckin' deal.

They make it sound like they are actually expanding the clinics when in reality they know that the deadbeat dad's won't show up cuz they think it is a Family Court sting and the fat kids won't stand in line unless there is a Big Mac at the end of it.

Who are they tryin' to kid?

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