Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now I remember you.

I am biding my time, surfing the net and trolling FaceBook, adding people to my friends list. Finally, bored, I go through the list of people others suggest to me. I come across one that others in my family have told me I should know from Undisclosed Customer Service Center™. I vaguely remember her but only that she was related to my sister-in-law and another friend at the company.

This is what I get in return.

LMFAO! Now I really do remember her. Although I can't remember being rude to her, can't remember interacting with her at all. Probably because she was a little on the weird side.

And the 'rumour'? Wasn't.

Furthermore, it was Max who told everyone about it, not me. I don't really blame him, it was a really great story and I doubt I would have been able to keep it to myself if it was I who had pulled it off.

I guess she is not really in the 'Family' loop.

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Bryna said...

That's pretty ballsy.