Saturday, November 28, 2009

Long Story.

As you may know, I have been off work for a month. I have been paid for two of those weeks by the insurance company.

They faked me out. When the doctor originally said 3 weeks, the insurance company just approved it. No real hassle at all, adding that 'if your doctor says you need more time, just send these forms', and I did. Now all of a sudden they are not sure I should be off.

The problem is, I have no diagnosis yet. All my doctor knows is that my blood pressure is not that great but its the heart rate that is going to kill me. My resting rate has gone as high as 151 bps. That would be fine if I was an infant, but not so good when you are in your 40's.

So, on the 16th, the insurance company says, they need a note from the doctor, so I give them one on the 18th. In it she writes that she is concerned about stressors and says shit like dysrhythmia and tachycardia. The note scared me, so should be enough for the insurance chick, right?

Wrong. On the 19th she says it is not enough. This all wouldn't be so bad if I lived with my doctor, but all this shit takes so long cuz I have to turn around each time and make an appointment with the doctor. (Sadly I am not her only patient) Apparently, just because I could take a heart attack at any moment, this is not a good enough reason for me not to take calls. They don't see why I couldn't take calls right up until the moment I take that heart attack.

Then someone says to me, "Well at least your unemployment insurance should kick in."

"What?" No one mentioned this before, I guess I could have applied for that at the same time as the short term disability. So I apply for that on the 20th, but of course I need a record of employment from my employer (who says they can't get that to me until Dec 10th) and a note from the doctor. Oh, and there is a two week waiting period.

I put that on the burner and go back to the doctor on the 23rd, she is pissed at this point and writes a long strongly worded letter and sends the insurance company chick about 16 pages of data. I also get her to fill out the UI doctor form, just in case. The government doesn't really give a shit why you are off, all they need is the doctor saying you should be. That is it. I should have went this way in the beginning.

Now I have to sit and wait. Penniless. It all looks like I will be back to work before I ever see another cent.

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