Monday, November 9, 2009

Everyone is effected.

I go to the doctors today to get my marching orders. More tests, or back to work? I had been trying to call all morning, but was unable to get through so I thought I would just go over and give her both sets of forms. She can fill out the ones she thinks are appropriate.

I walk in and my doctor is standing behind the desk. Sort of looking lost. She is usually in back and the receptionist (Rachel) filters us. But today she is just standing there, looking like she has forgotten what she was looking for.

"Oh, Eva...I have your test results somewhere here..."

"That's okay, I can just leave the forms?"
She looked bewildered. "Where is Rachel?"

"In ICU with H1N1 and I don't even know who to call to fill in. The phone has been ringing off the hook."

After finding out how Rachel was doing, "Just leave it, let the phone ring, if it's an emergency they can go to the out-door (what we call the emergency room). I'll just leave these get to them when you can."

"No, I know I can find your file here somewhere..."
She is scanning a wall of files. "Found it! Come on in."

She sort of seemed relieved that someone was there. "Uh, didn't you all get the vaccine?"

"Don't even get me started."

Apparently doctors and people who work in their offices are not high risk. Who the fuck determines this? I am not a rocket scientist but the people who come into contact with sick people all day, every day, have got to be high risk. Right? Again we all wonder who is in charge of this crap.

Anyway, after looking at my test results she is still concerned with my heart rate. So I think I will be looking at 6-8 weeks more of short term disability. More tests and specialists. I can do it financially, I have a great plan with my work.

Now if The Boy would just stop visiting me and cleaning out the cupboards before he leaves, I will be all set.

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kelly said...

are you off the smokes & caffeine? they'll mess with your heart rate. i get a little sketchy without the caffeine but that's the next thing to quit since I'm a non smoker now lol