Monday, November 2, 2009

I can't win.

Here I am, trying to get things done while I am off work. Clear out The Boy's room, move in the exercise equipment. Clean the house, get the H1N1 shot....

Wait. I can't get the shot. I had a printout of all the clinics so I had planned to get mine today. Then last night they change the schedule to only include those at high risk. Now I can't get it unless I am either pregnant, under 5 or a member of the First Nations. (Not sure what makes that last group high risk, but whatever.)

Apparently there was a big snaffoo with the vaccine. In July they delayed making it til August so they could finish making the regular flu vaccine. Then they stopped production of the regular adjuvanted version of the H1N1 vaccine so they could clear out the lab to make a non-adjuvanted version of the vaccine for pregnant women. See, they can't make more than one kind at a time in the same lab. That means they only made 6 million shots before shutting down for the prego's.

There are, 33,212,696 people in Canada (well at least until some of those prego's pop) and they tell us they will have enough for everyone before Christmas. I am no rocket scientist, but I don't think the math holds up.

Problem is, it would be just my luck to get the swine flu. I can't win the lottery but I could totally get a pig disease.

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