Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pork free.

The Boy and I went and got our H1N1 shots.

I have to say that once we were all permitted to get the shot, the team that organized it had a really great system going. I just wished they had publicized it.

From news reports all you can see is endless lines, people waiting 4 and 5 hours for a shot. I was not looking forward to it. The first day I went over to the Y, I just drove through the parking lot and thought it was way too depressing to go in and wait in line. So I ditched.

The second day I was out getting blood drawn and figured I would bite the bullet and get it over with. When I got there there was a cheerful lady sitting at a table with what appeared to be stacks of business cards. (wish I had taken a pic, it was genius) They had 100 cards for each hour.

The stacks were appointment cards with times on them. From 10 am to 5pm. All you had to do was pick a time and take a card, for the next day. It was so simple, not sure why everyone was not doing it this way.

I got two and informed The Boy he was getting his as well the next day at noon.

Of course we were late, we arrived at 12:20. We filled out our forms and were given a number. There were only maybe 20 people ahead of us. We got our shots at 12:45 and were out of there by 1. (They wanted you to sit for 15 min, in case you took a reaction.

Someone needs to share this system with the rest of the country.

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