Thursday, February 26, 2009

And we thought we wouldn't have fun.

Another road trip to Halifax for more training and Lenny and I are the only ones left from the original road trip gang. We were sort of worried it wouldn't be as fun without Pablo and his stories.

We were wrong. This time we had Bawb. (When you say his name you have to say it like you are stoned.)

We pull into Bawb's place and out he comes dressed head to toe in camouflage. Would have been more effective had all the pieces matched but they were four different colors and pattern. "Oh this should be good." I say.

Bawb gets into the back seat and I put the car in reverse and start to back out, coming face to face with him. I stop the car. "Bawb, what the hell is that on your chin? Is that a Fu-manchu?"

In perfect stoner diction, "No man, its my pirate whiskers." I give him the look. Since we last seen him he has grown his hair long and has these whiskers coming from his beard and they are about 3 inches long.

"You mean like Jack Sparrow?"

"Ya." And he tells me his pirate name which I completely forget.

"You'll have to get beads for it." I am being sarcastic.

"Oh I spent 300 bucks on hand painted beads for it."

I give him a look like he has two heads, "Uh, ya, cuz that would look less retarded."

He misses that. "But I don't wear them in the winter, only in the summer."

"Of course. You wouldn't want to look silly."


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