Friday, February 13, 2009

Interesting convo with TBF (via text messaging)

The Boy's Father has learned to text message. Which is great, since I can actually have an argument with him and he can't hang up on me. That is the most infuriating thing, he says something and hangs up. Maddening.

Any-whoo, The Boy taught him how to text message. Last night he was at work and wanted me to text his father and ask him to leave $10 on the counter for a cab home. So I did.

TBF did not respond so I was worried he wouldn't have a way home, so on my way to bring Sister some ice cream I stop by his work and give him a 20.

Around 3am I get a text message from TBF.
He got a drive and still took my money.

Oh Boo fuckin hoo! This man is so cheap he squeaks. So I text him back.
Well tell him u cant aford 2 b doing that. after all u need that money 2 have the Porsche detailed or your girlfriends $18000 ring cleaned - kids

To which he replied:
You can ho fuck yourself.

And then:
Maybe we should look at send ing him back because there some problems that are really getting bigger by the day

Ya, he is expecting you to act like a father and not a landlord. So I reply.
I ask him every day why he is there, after all you make him feel sooooo welcome and loved.

I know that none of this gets through to you, but you make him feel like you really don't like him at all. You make him pay you back $10 then park a luxury automobile in the driveway.

You make a point of showing him the reciept for a very expensive ring, then proceed to NOT give him anything for his birthday? Do you not get how that looks? Are you really that thick?

Why not give him a break, he is not a tenth as bad as you were when you were his age, give him some credit.

I get no real reply to this and I don't really expect one. TBF is a thick as a brick moron who can't see what he is doing. He acts like the boy is a drug czar or something, everything he does is suspect.

Point of fact, the other night he was given the truck (rare) so he could go visit his girlfriend. When he got there he picked up his girlfriend and he took her to Wendy's. TBF freaked. How did he know The Boy went to Wendy's?

Because he FOLLOWED him. I kid you not! Had a big screaming match in the parking lot, told The Boy that he would 'kill' him. No word of a lie.

I know what you are thinking and I can't believe I slept with that man either.


tomorrow said...

What a e*cking tool. (and I don't mean the happy fun kind)

kelly said...

omfg what a piece of shit