Sunday, February 8, 2009

How does this survive?

Ever have a conversation with someone who couldn't say enough nice things about themselves? Someone who goes on and on about how great they are, about their accomplishments (both real and imagined) and how you would just love to be them? Don't you just love talking to people like that?

Then why the hell would you listen to rap music?

Just finished watching the Grammy's. Holy crap.

I won't pretend that I have any idea who these people are but one was a girl...very, very pregnant. Watching her gyrate around the stage was almost as difficult to watch as it was to listen to. (this is the actual outfit)

You would avoid these people like the plague in real life, how do they still sell records?


Bryna said...

I completely agree. And her "name" is M.I.A. and she was disgracing her child in every giration she did. Gross.

Also, that was her due date. Double gross.

kelly said...


Radmila said...

M.I.A. is actually pretty good.
The outfit, not so much.

I would have liked her better in the SNL Killer Bee would have been cuter.