Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I feel safer already.

About a week or so ago, my front door blew open and ever since then it wouldn't actually close all the way. Well, it would close but you could open it without turning the handle, so it wasn't latching.

So today I call the landlord. He came over with his partner in crime to fix it. Well they of course jerry-rigged it into closing. Problem was that when they got it to close, they couldn't get it to open up again.

So there they were, one inside and one outside trying to open it.

Santa's Little Helper is getting desperate.

Gonna have to start charging him rent.

This is where they figure out what went wrong.

Free at last, free at last!

And the aftermath.

I believe this is the reason his wife won't let him do things around the house. She calls in the professionals. This is the same man who tried to paint the trim on my door with a god-aweful yellow paint. The same paint they use to make those yellow lines on the road.

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