Monday, February 23, 2009

TBF will probably charge him for the electricity.

Got my taxes done today so I took The Boy out to cash in his birthday I.O.U.

He wanted a mini fridge for his room, so away we go to the Walmart. I know what you are thinking and The Boy thought I would pull a horror show too, but I just ended up educating the greeter on the way out. You know...."Fuck off, if the alarm goes off, then you can look at my receipt."

Anyhoo...we got the little fridge (not the one with the separate freezer, it is just a bedroom not a dorm) and of course we have to fill it up with stuff. Pop, subs, prepared meats that sort of thing.

You can't imagine how appreciative he was over this thing. He loves it and when he got it hooked up he discovered it had a little mini freezer in it, with an ice cube tray. He was thrilled. Sent me these pics with texts, telling me that I was the best etc.

They call it the joy of giving for a reason. I enjoyed it. Why doesn't TBF get this much joy from giving? He really doesn't know what he is missing.

On another note, I did actually get something for myself. As we were entering the store The Boy asks what I am gonna get for myself. "OH! I know what I want!" I say.

"A flashlight!" You can imagine the eye rolling that went on. But he didn't understand. This is not just any flashlight.

This is three million candles, baby! [Insert Tim Allen grunting]

Also, I got a new coffee maker for the office.

Not a bad day, not a bad day at all.


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YVETTE said...

What's up with the decaf Eva?? LOL

mariea32 said...

Very nice Grub!! I see the boy loves his I agree with you on why doesnt the father's get the same feeling of loving to give to their