Sunday, July 29, 2007

YOU ARE HERE - 07-29-07
How people found this site. And the ranking. (if I can locate it)

- social retardation (Philladelphia) (#2) Fascinating subject.
- soulsphincter egypt music (Sweden) (#5)
- enovation graphics/minnesota (North Carolina) (#1)
- marillaanne (Virginia) (#2)
- apfel herz (Germany) (#?) No idea.
- ophthalmic migraines picture of aura (Ontario) (#1)
- desiree glinden (California) (#6)
- thank you for calling (Philippines) (#10)

Shouldn't you be working or studying?

Lancaster Outreach (Texas)
Town Of Munster (Indiana)
Cybercity (Denmark)
University Of North Carolina At Wilmington Inc (Seattle)
Ocean State Higher Education And Administration Network (Rhode Island)
Dynetics Inc (Alabama)
Indigene Pharmaceuticals (Massachusetts)
Zenith Electronics Corporation (New Jersey)
News International (UK)

Can You See Your House From Here?

HINT: Ever take a stroll through Forest Park or grab a bite at Tokyo Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar & Lounge?

Well, can you see your house from here? If you can, email me.

1 comment:

OneFullHouse said...

Okay, I think all people in the massachusetts neighbourhood should worry...

if the pharmacy technician is on your blog, reading, chances are grandpa got the wrong prescription.

I'm just sayin'.