Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nervous wreck!

I am sitting here surfing and I hear - squeak! squeak! It's faint, but I can hear it. Almost like the low mew that Milo gives me when he wants out. Sammy is a horse of a different color. When he wants out its a mournful wail. This is a faint, squeak squeak.

Then it registers, it can't be Milo because I already let him out. Oh fuck! Maybe he brought something in with him? A little gift, one only a cat would think was fucking appropriate.

I yell for the boy. I tell him what I hear and comes in armed with a flashlight. He is searching any crevice that a cat could stuff a 'gift'.

"Turn the computer off, I can't hear."

"Uh, no."

"I can't hear."

"Forget it, I will let you know if I hear it again."

A few minutes later, I do hear it again, (squeak! squeak!)I freeze. My blood runs cold. Bats make that noise too, don't they? I had a bat in here before so it is not outside the realm of possibilities. I hear it again, I can't turn around. Where is it coming from?

Bunnie is messaging me, I move the mouse to open the chat window - squeak! squeak!

Are you fucking kidding me? I message the boy, "It really was a mouse, and your mother is a moron. Thanks for playing."


Ian said...

I love this post. Our cats bring us gifts, but if they loose them, we'll find them staring intently at the last place they saw whatever it was. This usually means the rats nest of cables behind the computer. Cue at least half hour of torches, long sticks and shoeboxes with at least one cat trying to help.
Glad yours was of the plastic variety.

OneFullHouse said...

Oh brother!

See, that's why I come here...LOL


kelly said...

you have become the customer... hahahahahaha