Friday, July 13, 2007

Dyslexic seizures.

"Thank you for calling the Undisclosed Technical Support Team™ my name is blah blah blah..."

The woman comes through without even a case created and I soon realize why. Not many people enjoy talking to the insane as much as I do. She is distraught.

"I just installed the new program and this thing in the top left corner keeps blinking at me."

"What thing?"

"The Orange Button. Oh for Christ's sake, it stopped now, but it has been driving me crazy all day, flashing. I know this sounds crazy..."
ya think? "but I can't look at stuff like that I have a condition, I can't look at websites with all that flashing neither....I am, you know, dyslexic."

In her haste to cover up her insanity and give a plausible explanation why she would pay $49 to talk to me about the annoying flashing orange button, she got her diseases mixed up.

"You mean epileptic?"

"Ya, I can't look at that stuff."

"Uh, it flashes when you use the program, it probably stopped flashing because you are not doing anything. It replaces the annoying little hourglass. Unfortunately, its a feature that you can't disable."

"So, not a bug?"

"Uh, no."

It's like an epileptic seizure, only you do it out of sequence.


Yvette said...

We luv you Eva!!

OneFullHouse said...

Oh my god!

"i'm dyslexic"....that was FUNNY!

Fyr said...

... seriously speechless.