Wednesday, July 11, 2007

OKAY! OKAY! Stop poking me, I'm doing it.

Ok, this is the second time someone has tagged me for the rockin' girl award. Thanks to Anna and Michelle, I appreciate it, its just the passing it along that haven't gotten to yet.

I am pretty sure I mentioned that Procrastination is a planet and I am it's queen.

Anyway, here is a list of some of the Rockin' Chicks I know.

Radmila Cool chick, I never miss a post. Especially when she talks with or about Mamma.
Desiree She is what I would call a broad. She had the guts to get braces at 42, aces in my books.
Michelle Another Canuck, she has been through a lot of shit, but so far, not bitter.
Tomorrow (I think I just caught on that she might want anonymity) My favorite teacher, she is a great read.
Anna She knows me in real life and she still talks to me...That, in and of itself, is amazing.
Fyr She reads me....therefore she rocks.


Anonymous said...

You, procrastinate....?! lol!
Awww, gee. I'm feelin' the love! Thanks Evel!!

tomorrow said...

Very cool. Thanks!

OneFullHouse said...

Hi you! I'm back....

OneFullHouse said...

shit. I just noticed that it still isn't linking back to my new URL properly...

Fyr said...

:( You poked me and I didn't even realize it. :(

I so don't rock :(

anywho - thanks for the mention ... now, ... *starts muttering to self* what is this rockin chick thingymabob? *wanders off to go read*