Friday, September 22, 2006

Say hello to my little friend.

I have a tech-buddy.

Not to be confused with a fuck-buddy. (Get your mind out of the gutter, I know you were going there.)

This is an experienced tech that will sit with you for the first little while and help you with the tools and the procedures as well as helping you not sound like a complete idiot on the phone.

Well, I have one. We will call him Miyagi-san, and this is why.

While I was taking a call, Miyagi-san was making this:

Dude is into origami.

Now, when I say he is into origami, I mean way, deep down, into it. For real. He carries a really thick binder with pockets full of stuff for origami. Books, paper, folding implements, the whole nine yards.

And he is talented. Just look at the detail. You can see this dragons tongue. I know the picture quality is not that great, my camera sucks. But believe me when I say, I was much impressed.

It appears to calm him, so I guess it has a purpose.

Of course I can see this sort of thing bugging the shit out of me after a while. I have a really low tolerance for crafts of any kind. And this is border-line craft-like.

But for now, he occupies a place of honor on top of my monitor.

Till the cat finds him, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

I took an origami class the summer after 6th grade. We made a soccer ball out of a sheet of posterboard. That was our big class ending spectacular project. I would've preferred a dragon.

Anonymous said...

i like the dragon, i think i know who he is. he makes some funky stuff. like once he made a yoda i believe, if it's the same guy lol