Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Big freakin' deal!

I am driving in to work today and I am late. As I am driving through the mall parking lot I notice people looking up into the sky.

It's a helicopter and I think, so what? It doesn't look like it is crashing so I continue on. Seems to be heading in the same direction I am.

The parking lot adjoining ours is the one for the theater and the bowling alley/pub. As I get closer I notice that the pub parking lot is full, and all the cars are 'really nice'. Not that people around here don't have nice cars, but all the cars were either dark sedans or dark SUV's. Hmmmm. Now I notice that the men standing around are all dressed in black. Black suits, white shirts, black ties.

What is going through my head is 'who died?'

As I draw close to our parking lot, I see the helicopter again and it is really low and dropping fast. Next thing I know it lands, directly in front of me on the grass!

I slam on my breaks, cuz I figure the MIB will be running for the helicopter. Not one of them moves. So I continue on.

I finally make it into work. "Sorry I am late, but I was delayed by a helicopter landing in the parking lot."

No one knew why. Then it hits me.

"Oh ya, isn't that American chick in town this week?"

"Condoleezza Rice?"

"Ya, that's the one."

Turns out she is classified as an internationally protected person. So they had to put on a decent show for her. Except here in Pictou County, the only person she would have to worry about is the nutbar that protests the elections every year by stealing the ballot boxes. But I think he is on vacation, so it was pretty much a non-event.

I am wondering how they managed to find 350 people (who would give a shit) to attend the 'invitation only' breakfast.

Betcha Pete had to call in a few favors.

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Anonymous said...

i'd say, she thinks she's a queen or something. stay home next time rice lady, we didn't need you here sucking ass...lol