Thursday, August 31, 2006

Embracing the Uni-Bomber.

Having a ball with the geeks in the class. There is quite a few of them who are introverts. You know, the types you would not be surprised to find out were the uni-bomber?

Take George (may or may not be his real name) for instance. George sits beside me.

"Morning George!" I am loud, I am hard to ignore, but George tries.

Mumbles, "Morning."

George sits board straight in his seat, his eyes never leaving the computer screen. If you speak to him and he absolutely has to respond, you get eye movement only. George never makes direct eye contact. I can see he is uncomfortable with my personality and the little demon on my shoulder says, "Let's fuck with him!"

I try to make conversation with George, I get the silent treatment with the occasional inaudible grunt and glances from the corner of his eye.

Loudly, so no one would miss it. "Jesus George! I don't know how you expect me to work with you chattering on and on, never letting a person get a word in edgewise."

The instructor wants us to do a presentation on what we just learned. Someone will read the slides, he says. "Who wants to volunteer?"

George is getting nervous, hoping someone will volunteer. I figure I could put him out of his misery, but what fun would that be? I can see George , inwardly squirming. He sees the look on my face, he can sense me standing up, he knows something is coming and he is inwardly hoping I am about to take a heart attack or something.

"Well, we (I indicate the rest of the group) wanted to draw straws, but George wouldn't hear of it. He is a complete control freak! He insists on doing the entire presentation himself."

The poor guy can't even protest. I am sure if he could make eye contact with me he would be shooting daggers, but he did the demonstration and did not implode.

He might be miserable now, but I think he will thank me later for dragging him kicking and screaming out of his shell.

Ok, 'thank' might be a strong word, but he might not use the scope on me. I might have a fighting chance when he goes postal.


kelly said...

be careful or he might ping you so much you won't be able to get online bwahahah that was a fun xp training trick, but i'll be damned if i can remember how to do it LOL

Virginia Belle said...

well, now i know where serial killers come from.

actually, i would have done the same thing. i meet people like that and i just want to say, "what are you so scared of? how do you become a functioning adult in our society without a shred of social skills???"

it makes me want to harrass them.

i guess that is where bullies come from.

Alex said...

: )

thethinker said...

Messing with people's minds can be quite funny, but also dangerous. Just watch your back.

Phoenix said...

:-) wikkid

INAMINI said...

Let's hope he doesn't volunteer you for something!
What an evil mind you have! :D