Monday, October 17, 2005

How to embarass a 14 year old in a grocery store.

Hold up a large tube of bolonga and say,loudly, "Hey Boy! How about a big fat balogny?" Then burst into fits of laughter. (You have to say Bah Lone EE and drag it out for effect.)

The boy is not amused, "Jeez Mom, your embarassing me." Looking around to see if anyone notices that he is with me.

"What? There is nothing funnier than a big ole hunk of balogny." Grab another equally large rolled meat product. "Unless it is a big hunk of salami." I am laughing so hard I snort.

The boy walks away from me like he has no idea who that crazy lady is.

Sometimes, I just crack myself up.


kelly said...

you do realize HE will be picking out your nursing home, right? lmfao

Desiree said...

LOL, uh... kelly may just have a point to ponder there, desipite the fun the Bah-loon-ee and Salami can be.