Tuesday, October 4, 2005

The boy is wired wrong. Part Two.

I go to bed at 4pm (I work at 1am)

8:00pm - Boy crashes into the room. "Dad just came with the child support, can I get a pizza?" ME: "Fill your boots."

8:05pm - Boy crashes into the room. "Cover your eyes, I am turning on the light." He is looking for the phone book. In my room. The one with no phone.

8:10pm - Boy crashes into the room. "What do I ask for?" I don't know...ask for what you want?

8:15pm - Boy crashes into the room. "I don't know if they deliver." ME: "IT'S A FUCKING PIZZA PLACE, THEY ALL DELIVER!"

8:20pm - Now that I am awake, I have to pee. I walk out into the living room, "How long before the pizza gets here?" THE BOY: "I never ordered it, I don't know what to say." ME: "Here's a shot in the dark, how about 'bring me a pizza'?"

I end up ordering the pizza, and never getting back to sleep.

13 hour shifts are fun on 4 hours sleep. I highly recommend it.


nadine said...

I remember the first time the girls ordered delivery.. we let them do it as we stood close by.. and the pizza place would not take the order until they talked to a parent :o) .. I think they were about 12.. but now they do it all the time (15&16).. no parent needed :o)

shelley said...

That's too funny. (And, I'm glad I only have cats.)


kelly said...

omg that's too funny. but what boy doesn't know how to ask for food? LOL isn't that like, ALL they do?

Evel said...

Ya, well here in the Mother Land ;-) we have caller id, so they will take orders from a 5 year old.